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Region 3 One of The Most Pleasant Hunting Areas in BC

Hi, to you, Southern people, at least south, of, Hope. Region 3 -- Is one of the most pleasant hunting areas in B.C. extends from Bridge River, on the west, to the height-of-land, in the Columbia Mountains, just west, of Revelstoke. It includes Wells Gray Provincial Park, in the north and runs south to the Coldwater country, south of Merritt.

 Mule deer, found throughout Reg 3, provide most hunting, Moose, predominant, in the, Clearwater to Blue River area, including Wells Gray Park. Black Bear, are abundant, in many parts, of Reg 3, and are often suitable, for eating. Network of logging and ranch roads lacing the country N.W. of Kamloops, Savona, Red Lake, Deadman Cr. This is beautiful country to hunt. Mule deer, blue grouse and moose. Some Whitetail, in reg 3, mostly, in the Shuswap country, and eastern edge, of MU 3-26. Elk, Lytton, Princeton and Adam's Lake. Good waterfowling. either side, of Hwy 5, the Merritt road. Geese at Salmon Arm and Chase. Northern Mallards, and Canada geese, peak immediately after freeze up, in the Peace River country. Salmon Arm, Pheasants, with permission, from landowner's first.


3-12 much, and I think that is where a lot of bigger buck muleys are taken, and not much said about the area, so I guess it's kept quiet, for some good reason. In the north end of it, around Westwold and down, wow. The Tuktakimin Mtn. 1771 metres and Ingram Creek and down to Salmon Lake makes it kind of fishy. I know theres big ones in that 3-12, maybe the best kept secret.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,( Monsters)
MU 3-12 Pothole creek - The Wart 1738 meters and Quilchena Creek - Tommy Lake. Where new connector 8 meets Hwy 5A to start . Travel new connector east to Trepanier by Okanagan Lake to scout.

MU 3-13. Anderson creek used to be popular for deer, when I lived in the Fraser Valley years ago. And that MU 3-15, North Bend back road, 4by4 type road. A few open ridges and hike ins for deer, and a I'm a little fuzzy on the Skuzzy Main.(blacktails)

MU 3-14, except the Anderson main, leaving Hwy 1, climbing steadily to the south west. The road forks at 6 km and can go over to Merritt side into MU 3-13.

MU 3-15, North Bend back road, 4by4 type road. A few open ridges and hike ins for deer, and a I'm a little fuzzy on the Skuzzy Main.(blacktails),

MU 3-16
Lillooet - Cayoosh Creek Road
Good logging main runs through 3-16 along Cayoosh Creek. comes out on Lillooet Lake near Mt Currie, Fair mule deer, mountain goat from logging roads.

MU 3-17
Lytton - Cache Creek
A number of roads run west through the treeless hills along Hwy 1. From Spences Bridge, the Murray Creek road runs through to connect with roads running in from Hwy 12 ( Lytton to Lillooet highway ), The Blue Earth, Oregon Jack and Cornwall creeks roads also connect with these roads. Fair Mule deer. Good grouse. Lytton - Lillooet - Hwy 12 Several roads lead off Hwy 12 into MU 3-17. The Botanie Creek road runs almost due north just beyond the Lytton bridge, connecting with the Izman Creek and Upper Hat Creek roads. From Hwy 12, just south of Marble Canyon, another road runs up toward Upper Hat Creek. MU 3-17 is largely range land, with a number of ranches. I recommend Anderson Creek. Also go north from Pavilion to Kelly Creek and check out Murray Creek on your way in or out try Botanie Creek so many bucks so little time in MU 3-17.

A good place to hike, in, in Reg 3 is MU 3-18 - Spences Bridge-Merritt. Roads running north, off of Hwy 8. Hunting pressure, but good area for mule deer. Also good hunting area is Ashcroft-Highland-Valley. This paved highway climbs south and west from Ashcroft a good place to hike in off the road into a spot. Last, Barnes Lake road, good late-season mule bucks.

If I was coming up on the Coquihalla Hwy from lower mainland I'd want to hunt some where in Reg 3 - MU -19, turn off at Meadow Creek, which is turnoff to Logan Lake. Turn right, at road to Mile High, and to Face Lake. A fairly close faster drive from the west coast/lower mainland into the woods.

Having a spot that produces a chance when you see a moose, deer or bear is what everyone wants.
If a person wants to, come up the Fraser canyon hwy. Turnoff, at Cache Creek, go east, going to just, the west end, of Kamloops Lake, stop at the little town (don't blink), Savona, for a look see, gas/food, chips, and coffee. The border boundary, of 3-18 and 3-19 go south, up Durand Creek to hunt, 3-18 on the West and 3-19 to your east. Clearings etc. Mule Deer/Moose. Tunkwa Lake/Lieghton lake, area and around. Late season better, for big bucks. Fishing good too in lake! This road hooks up to Logan Lake, going south, from Savona

MU 3-19 Savona-Tunkwa Lake.
The Summer Range-road leaves Hwy 1 just east of Savona. Up a small creek called Duran creek. If you like hiking hike the ridges above either side of Duran Creek in late season is best. It's a small valley but the higher you hike the better it gets. Good mule deer and blue grouse hunting. Good late-season trophy buck mule deer. Also cougar and some moose and some white tailed deer. Mu 3-18 lies to the right, MU 3-19 to the left of Quichon Creek. The southern portion of MU 3-19 is reached from Hwy 5, with roads running north from Nicola and Stump lakes, this area has leh for moose too and if you get a draw a good area to hunt in

MU 3-26 ( some nice hunting area )
Falkland-Salmon Arm
Access from Falkland, on Hwy 97, a gravel road comes into 3-26 from Falkland going north. From near Chase, also Monte Lake, Gleneden and Tappen. Good areas to find game are the Bolean Lakes, the high ridges on either side of Skimikin Valley from Tappen on Hwy 1 for mule deer. From Gleneden, just off Hwy 1 west of Salmon Arm a road runs up to the Fly Hills onto a high plateau for mule deer, check out Charcoal creek road. Lots of roads meeting from all areas, some moose and whitetail along with mule deer in 3-26

South Thompson Mountain Sheep? Reg 3 - MU 3-27 zone A, on draw, one of the easiest sheep hunts you'll get in a life time. Big rams too. A walk in the park! If you want a sheep try for this draw every time, IMHO. Check it out, and drive by to take a look-see. You can scout while your golfing. Take Hwy 5 north from Kamloops. Go on Shuswap rd east on the Rez. Drive a few kms look to the slopes to your left and dream on. LEH draw.

Well there's lots of places to go everyone, Reg 3 is quite large. Deer, moose and bear. How about an area in Reg 3 that is good for moose and mule deer. A place when hunting you could see a deer and/or a spike/fork bull moose. Let's say Mu 3-28 - Westsyde-Little Fort This long narrow unit runs along the west side of the North Thompson River from Westsyde- (North Kamloops) to Little Fort. Many logging roads run back into hilly country.above road to west. Fair moose and deer.

MU 3-29 Some Kamloops hunters are poised and ready for the bigger bucks. While talking about the Savona area, let's not forget Deadman River and Red Lake road systems. MU 3-29 - A road turns north, from Hwy 1, west of Savona just before the crest of the hill up from the Thompson River bridge. This gives access into Red Lake-Criss Creek-Tranquille Lake area. This is mule deer hunting, some moose and grouse. --- Deadman Creek road, is at 11 kms west of Savona, it's a north running road that leaves Hwy 1. The first 12 k is Indian Land then about 17 km in, it crosses Criss Creek, a logging road goes up and connects with Red Lake system. Criss Creek is fair moose hunting. Or keep going on Deadman and you'll see a gas pipeline. The road on pipeline runs into Hihium Lake. Fair moose and deer along the top. Or continue along Deadman towards the old Vidette Mine site which is late season hunting for moose and mule deer. On your way in on Deadman Creek road you can see painted bluffs and hoo doos plus some gorgeous wild life habitat and country. MU 3-29

If your coming up from South of hope what's the first best area in Reg 3 you could hit that would be a good chance to see some big mule deer? Also moose. With in a reasonable and adventurous drive? In my opinion I would recommend 3-30. Cache Creek- Clinton, 18 kms north from Cache Creek it starts, with the Scottie Cr. road. good mule deer, fair moose. Next road right Loon Lake. Just above Clinton, the Bonaparte River roads good or go to the top of 3-30 on Hwy 24 from 83 mile to Little Fort. Up the Fraser Canyon, and passed Cache Creek into 3-30 a good long week-end hunt from the lower mainland.

MU 3-31
Clinton-70 Mile House
From Clinton, the Kelly Lake-Jesmond roads gives access to southern part of 3-31. From Hwy 97 between Clinton and 70 Mile, a number of ranch and logging roads run west into south central 3-31. Fair to good mule deer and good moose hunting in most of 3-31. Also good grouse hunting. MU 3-31

Bridge River
Main access- is on the Bridge River road which leaves the Fraser River 12 km north of Lillooet. The road forks at Moha, check map. go right up the Yalakom River and hunt above road on ridges for mule deer or turn left and go along Bridge River towards Gun Lake.
Carpenter Lake - This is a nice hunting spot for Mule Deer. Hunt the ridges above Carpenter Lake above the main road. Camp spot found at Gun creek area and Relay creek where they cross the main road to the lake. I hunted here before just above the lake by Gun creek and it was impressive IMHO. MU 3-32

MU 3-33 - Gold Bridge
Mule deer, some moose and mountain goat
Access - Bralorne road, Truax road and road south to Pemberton.
Southern part of 3-33 reached from D'Arcy and Seton.

MU 3-34
Mara Lake - Eagle Valley South
Mule deer and Whitetail deer southern part of Hunters Range
Access Enderby-Mable Lake road- Logging roads from Cambie and Craigellachie, on Hwy 1 - Late season best.

MU 3-35
Perry River ( Black bears)
Access - mainly from Perry River logging roads into country, only the rugged need apply. Moose, mule deer, and many black bears and some goat.

U 3-36
Shuswap- Access from Scotch Creek logging roads near Celista. Mule deer hunting. Drive in and around looking for your spot, to call your own. Well thats it for Mu access information and good luck in your hunting in Reg 3.36

MU 3-37
Adams Lake
Southern part reached via logging road from south end of lake which runs part of the way up the east side.The same applies to the western side. Also access from Louis Creek, Barriere and Vavenby on North Thompson, Hwy 5. Some good mule deer on ridges in southern part of 3-37; occasional moose on along either side of lake. My own preference for 3-37 come in from Vavenby go to East side of Adams lake on the north end, in 3-37 check your Mu boundaries. Tsikwustum Cr. Momich Lake area 3-37

MU 3-38
Barriere - Blackpool
Access? - Main access into this unit, bounded on the west by the North Thompson River and the CN railway tracks, is from Barriere. An extensive system of roads radiates past North, East and South Barriere Lakes. Types of animals hunted? Moose, Mule Deer and Black bear, Big ones.The Chu-Chua road, running north, from Barriere, through to Blackpool, has some fair mule deer hunting in the ridges, above the road, after the snow starts falling, check signs, respect any and all private, lands. If you go driving into the Barriere Lakes area, take fishing rod too, if you like to hit every cast a Kamloops fighting trout, in the cold clear water, of Saskum Lake. (Do some moose calling.) Big bucks on Birk Cr. but look for washouts, then hike or motor cycle to Honker heaven. Fennel Cr, Harper Cr. and many more such as Saskum Cr. There is too many to mention, for top ten. One more to tantalize, Haggard Creek to the Blomley Creek brush busters. This info is from personal knowledge and from logging truck drivers I know. Also hunters that I know and info of area data base. MU 3-38

MU 3-39
Little Fort - Clearwater -- Fair moose and mule deer hunting reached by a network of roads from Little Fort in the south and another network of logging roads from Clearwater in the north. Wells Gray Park forms part of the northern boundary of 3-39. This MU is heavily hunted but success ratios are good, depending on weather. Latremouille Lake just up Hwy 24, up Lemieux Creek to Taweel Lake. Go in from north and west of Clearwater. This would be towards Mckenzie Lake or Gablehouse Lake. Try, Mt. Loveway for some good hike in hunting for mule deer bucks, east of Lemieux Cr. So many spots so little time, in MU 3-39. One more Mann creek and Star Lake, west of Blackpool is the best.
MU 3-39

MU 3-40 Clearwater - Blue River
This area is accessible by Raft River Logging roads, Mad River and Candle creek and Spahats creek areas, check maps. Moose and lots of black bear. Mule deer around Mt Mcclennan, Spahats Creek and Candle creek. Trophy Mt and Raft Mt. nice areas to hike. Take camera too. Good Luck Hunters!

MU 3-41 ( good one )
Moose, Mule deer and Black Bears
Access from Birch Island, Vavenby, approx 30 km passed Vavenby and Finn Creek.
Lots of drainages down to North Thompson River ( Migration and feed ) in MU 3-41

MU 3-42 - Access -- Vavenby
Upper Adams River-Tumtum Lake and access roads to areas
Moose, Mule deer. lots of roads, valleys and hills to hunt.
Good area to hunt and explore, you can canoe to spots others can't get to.
Moose along Upper Adams River
Lots of habitat for big Mule deer. I know a few hunters who hunt in these last two MUs that live in Barriere and Kamloops. Lots of creeks and little lakes.

3-43 Blue River North, rough mountain terrain if your a tough nut you can access it from logging roads going in from Hwy 5, Blackies everywhere, few moose and mule deer, some goat and grizz. And then there was 3-44 (west of Nor river) Go east of Gosnell,, from Yellowhead Hwy 5. some mooses.

3-45 and 3-46, Access from Clearwater Hwy 5. drive to Clearwater Lake, late season hunting for bull winkles from this road to the Murtle River. There are some mule deer in 3-46

Virtually all of Reg 3, is easily accessible, to hunting, except, where private land, blocks access.


Anonymous said...

Wondering if there are any "seasoned" hunters out there, that may want to help a regular guy who likes to hunt Muledeer but has ZERO on the scoreboard! sad i know, seen deer/moose, never been able to take a shot, and maybe a partner/s would be a lucky thing? if anyone out there would like to help a semi-nooby hunter, let me know: Ian y2kgixxer6@shaw.ca Thanks everyone

Anonymous said...

Anyone hunted goat in 3-16E any good roads or how to getting in that area pls I have a LEH draw . If some one would like to come with us who has been in that area.

Anonymous said...

is this your blog Jelvis?

Anonymous said...

Was thinking jelvis as well ;)

FishTales said...

Reads like Jelvis

Anonymous said...

All I can say is its amazing mule and moose hunting near kamloops moved here in 2010 from Ontario and will say with pride it totally rocks out here for the hunting

Anonymous said...

It reads like Jelvis because Jelvis reads this.

Unknown said...

Went moose hunting at Clearwater and saw zero animals of anykind , Wolfe's pushed everything out any idea where the moose have gone now?

Unknown said...

Went moose hunting at Clearwater and saw zero animals of anykind , Wolfe's pushed everything out any idea where the moose have gone now?

Jade Graham said...

Some of the best warm-season food plots consist of soybeans, corn, alfalfa and clover. Deer Scents

anonymous said...

Too funny. First thing i thought reading this, jelvis. Must have got his meds balanced.

Anonymous said...

No luck with mules this year does any one have suggestions for good whitetail zones laststand@email.com thanks in advance.

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